In a 2-3 page paper in APA format, use the MORAL Decision-Making model to complete Learning Exercise titled “A Nagging Uneasiness” in the course text (Marquis & Huston, 2014).

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A Nagging Uneasiness- MORAL Decision-Making model


Gawronski et al. (2017) opine that MORAL Decision-Making model is a combination of the nursing processes and the bioethics. As such, they are useful for the support of the various resolution of issues concerning the nursing practice. The nursing practice focuses on patient assessment, patient diagnosis, patient care plan, implementation of nursing interventions, and evaluation of nursing interventions. On the other hand, bioethics focuses on the resolution of ethical issues by making use of principles of nursing such as autonomy, the beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice. This paper explores the use of MORAL Decision-Making model in the process of resolution of the learning exercise “A Nagging Uneasiness” in the text. 

Massage the Dilemma

Badruddin (2016) adduces that in the process of massaging the dilemma there are chances of facing challenges in the process of gathering of data in the process of identification of the individuals who are supposed to be involved in the process of making decisions. In the case of “A Nagging Uneasiness,” the concern is on that there could be a challenge of having child abuse of the neglect of the child. Typically, this is seen in the case where a 15-month-old child is assessed for the challenge in thriving for the second time in a span of six weeks…

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