You are the nurse manager for a department and need to communicate a new policy that relates to the holiday staffing schedule.

  • Discuss two different approaches to communicate the staffing schedule change process to the department.
  • Describe who would be involved throughout the communication and roll out of the staffing schedule change.
  • Discuss a conflict management style and communication technique that you would use to address group of angry employees that present to your office. 
  • Discuss the conflict management style and communication technique you would utilize to address one employee who is complaining to other employees and patients on the unit. 
  • Discuss how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the communication approach of the staffing schedule change.
  • Support your ideas with at least two scholarly resources.

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Communication of New Policy


Epstein et al. (2017) opine that communication of fundamental after the development of a new policy since it allows for the management of issues of conflict that could result from the dissatisfaction of the members. Taking this into account, it is important that there is a communication process in place for the successful implementation of the policy. The process of communication may as well be challenging due to the possibility of barriers from the members and as a healthcare provider, it is important that a strategy is put in place to help in the process of communication with the intention of a successful process of change. This paper explores the communication process for communicating a new policy on holiday staffing schedule.

Approaches to communicate a change process

One of the approaches for the communication of change to the employees is, to be honest, and clear on what is changing and the reasons for the changes. Along these lines, it will be critical for the process of communication to be carried out at the right time and allow for the people to have an understanding of the strategies that could be used in the process of communication. Being clear on the changes that are needed will allow the others to react to the changes and the strategies that could be used in the process of passing information to the concerned individuals. The virtue of honesty is as well important in ensuring that there will be an ease in the process of elimination of any cases of improving the process of communication since the staff can have an understanding of the importance of change….

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