Choose a treatment approach of your choice for the target population of adults with hypertension. Write a 750-1,000-word paper and describe how this treatment approach would be integrated in a primary care setting. Summarize the rationale for using this intervention and how it addresses the mental health problem you selected. Describe the evidence-based research that indicates the effectiveness of this treatment approach.

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Treatment of Hypertension


Whelton et al. (2016) opine that hypertension is a dangerous health condition due to the fact that it results in cases of heart attacks, heart failure, kidney diseases, or stroke. The process of treating hypertension is carried out with the intention of lowering the blood pressure of the patient and for the purpose of protection of important body organs such as the heart and the brain. The treatment of hypertension ranges from the use of medication to the change of lifestyle. This essay explores the treatment of hypertension by the change of lifestyle.

Lifestyle changes to treat hypertension

Pettey et al. (2016) espouse that one of the strategies that are used in the prevention and for the treatment of the issue of high blood pressure is living a healthy lifestyle. As such, this involves the reduction of weight for the case of a patient who has gained weight for one who is obese quit smoking, taking healthy food, as well as reducing the amount of sodium intake in the diet. The changes in lifestyle as well to help in the prevention of treatment of hypertension is carried out by taking part in exercises and reducing the intake of alcohol….

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