Submit a paper which compares and contrasts two mental health theories:

  • You may choose your theories from the textbook or from other sources.
  • Describe each theory, including some history about the person who developed the theory and the major ideas and applications of the theory.
  • Describe the ways in which the two theories are similar, and how they differ.
  • Include a statement of how each theory could be used in your nursing practice. Include specific patient examples if you have them. You may also critique the theory: Is there anything with which you disagree or are there any problems you can identify?

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Compares and contrasts two mental health theories


There are various mental health theories that help in the enhancement of the understanding of the condition. In this case, there are various support and arguments that have been presented for the various theories that are pointed out in relation to the extensive amount of mental health standards that are needed. Worden (2018) opine that the mental health issues are challenging for the healthcare providers and there is a need for an extensive understanding of the factors that are contributing to the increase in challenges of support of people with mental health issues. This essay helps in the provision of a comparison and a contrast between Ivan Pavlov’s behavioral theory and B. F. Skinner’s behavioral theory.


Both theories are seen to have the support of the fact that there is a need for the process of condition or modification of behavior. Along these lines, each of the psychologists has the argument that it is important for the enhancement of the understanding of the modification of behavior. As such, it becomes easier for the healthcare providers to help in the process of provision of support to the process of care if there is an effective structure being used to manage the standard of change in that this will play a role in the improvement of the understanding of the challenges that the healthcare providers caring for mental health patients will see. The other similarity is that both theorists have argued that the forms of conditioning are as well considered to be the forms of associative learning and hence calling for the need for the enhancement of the relation among others are argued by Lee (2016). This as well implies that with the increasing process of change in the process of provision of care to the patients is becomes simpler for the patients to receive care depending on the association that is there….

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