The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has long since guided the futural direction of healthcare. Back in 1980’s, the IOM recommended that nursing research be included in the mainstream of biomedical and behavioral science, and found nursing research activities to be relevant to the mission of the National Institute of Health (NIH) which evolved into the establishment of the National Center for Nursing Research (NCNR). In 1993 ~ the NCNR became the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR).

Visit the National NINR website. Explore the site, including their mission and strategic plan. and note their funding opportunities and research priorities for this year. Analyze if any of them could be used to address the importance of outcomes research. Also click on the news & information section and go to the directors’ lectures series (Link).

Choose ONE of the lectures that interests you (all of them have links to YouTube), critically review as a research presentation, and summarize the presentation. (these presentations are about 1 hr. so you can plan your time accordingly)

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The Institute of Medicine (IOM) site

In the site, there are various issues that are taken into account in the support of research with the mission of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) being to help in the process of dissemination and advancement of scientific knowledge or the improvement of human health. One of the lectures that is on interest is innovation to improve discharge planning. In the lecture Dr. Kathtyn has presented the stages of development of a software application that has played a critical role on the decision making process by the healthcare providers in relation to the process of decision making on the patients  who are ready for discharge (Grady & Gough, 2018). In her perspective, there is a need for the development of the use of this software for the development of standards of change in the strategies that will help in the process of development of the standard of change. The process of management of the process of discharge is expected to help in the process of enhancement of the quality of care of the patients. As such, the patients who are up for discharge are able to pass through extensive assessment before they are discharged. Emes et al. (2018) argue that the correct assessment of a patient before discharge is important because it allows for the reduction of any cases of readmission of the patient….

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