Part A

  1. Access the Konstanz Information Miner tool at the KNIME web site:
  2. Review the information about the KNIME Analytics Platform.
  3. Answer the following questions:
  1. How could this platform be used to analyze health care data?  
  2. What benefits does this software have in comparison to commercial products that have similar functionality and use?
  1. Access the journal article by Raghupathi, W., Raghupathi, V., (2014) Big data analytics in healthcare: promise and potential. Health Information Science and Systems 2(3), 1-10  
  2. Read the article and define the 4 “Vs” of big data analytics in health care and give an example of each.

Solution Preview

Data analytics in health care


Data analytics is one of the most important changes that has taken place in the healthcare sector in the last decade and this has been instrumental in driving the healthcare sector in a positive manner as argued by Belle et al. (2015). For instance, the use of electronic healthcare record system has been of importance in the improvement of the quality of care and reducing the possible healthcare errors. Nonetheless, the analysis of information is critical for the healthcare providers in ensuring that they improve their performance. This paper explores how to use the Konstanz Information Miner tool, and the importance of making use of the software in relation to other commercial products. In addition, the paper presents the 4 “Vs” of the big data analytics.

How this platform could be used to analyze health care data 

Awrahman and Alatas (2017) opine that the Konstanz Information Miner tool is a free data analytics tool that is found in open source. The software tool is useful for the reporting and integration of information and components for the data collection and machine learning. The software tool has a graphical user interface that allows for the process of blending of the sources of information and hence allowing for the ease of extraction of information, the transformation of information as well as the loading of information for the process of modeling, analysis as well as visualizing the information collected. The operation of Konstanz Information Miner tool allows for the users to be in a position to create data flows or pipelines that are useful for the development of specific steps that are followed in the analysis of data. The tool as well as allows for the inspection and modeling or carrying out an interaction with the data or the results that are derived. The core action of the tool is the integration of data….

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