Interview two persons in a nursing leadership/management role, such as a Charge Nurse/Team Leader, Head Nurse/Manager, Director of Nursing, or Chief Nursing Officer.  Select one leader that has been in the role less than two years and the other that has at least two years of leadership or management experience. Compare and contrast the findings from the two interviews with the best practices identified in the literature. Then reflect on your own perceptions of the roles.   For example, would you see either as a career goal for yourself?  Why or why not?

In your interviews, ask each person the following questions:

  • What are the qualifications for your management position?
  • What type of training did you receive for this position?
  • Describe a challenge you have had related to decision making, staffing, conflict or discrimination.  How did you overcome it? 
  • Describe specific methods you utilize to build an effective health care team.
    • What skills are there to master to support your performance in your role?

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Health care management role


As a healthcare provider, one has various roles in the management of the standard of healthcare of the patients. Taking this into account, nurses should have managerial skills to help in the management of patient data as well as for the resources that are available for the provision of patient care. In this essay, an assessment of the interview of a nurse leader and a registered nurse is presented. Specifically, the paper focuses on the qualification of the leader, the training needed, the skills, and the challenges that are faced in the leadership position.

The qualifications for a management position

The nurse leader presents that there is an importance for one to have a nursing degree for them to be nurse leaders with the master’s degree being an added advantage for the individual. This has played a critical role in the enhancement of the process of change of the health sector since with effective knowledge in the process of change, it is important that one is able to make use of the available instance of change and the issues that arise.

The registered nurse as well argues that there is a specific qualification that is important for one to be able to take part in the decision-making panel and hence be in the management team. One of the qualifications is that one should have communication skills that are reliable to avoid any cases of the ineffective standard of change that may end up causing a challenge in the process of implementation of the patient change processes. The process of communication can be important for a leader and there are certificate courses that are useful for one to learn on the process of communication as argued by Varcarolis (2016)…

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