Topic: Data Management

Reflect on your experience with different aspects of data management — for example, identifying the target population and relevant measures, access to data sources, strategies for data collection, coordination of data entry, and data analysis to final deliverable to stakeholders. Discuss those areas in which you feel skilled versus those areas that will require more skill development. List at least three activities in which you might engage in your current practice setting that would increase your competencies in the area of data management.

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Data Management

The process of data management in the healthcare sector is of critical importance and should be considered to be useful for nurses in their practice. Zhang et al. (2017) adduce that an effective process of data management will help in the development of the quality of care since it will ensure that the number of errors that could arise in the healthcare sector is reduced. It is fundamental therefore that one should be informed of the process of data management as a nurse.

The nurses are the main players in the use of data in the healthcare facility while offering care to the patients and one should be able to collect and analyzed the information for the purpose of offering effective and reliable care. Nonetheless, it is important that healthcare providers learn on the various strategies of a collection of data and identifying the data sources. This will be important in the process of development of effective and reliable structures that will help in the collection of the right kind of data for the patient care processes….

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