Topic: Political Competence

Advanced practice nurses can serve as content experts for policymakers and their staff. Discuss methods that you can use to stay current with your health policy knowledge. Be specific with your response and share names of publications, websites, and other resources.

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Methods that APN can use to stay current with health policy knowledge

Duncan, Thorne, and Rodney (2015) opine that nurses are supposed to be informed of any changes in the nursing process and the interventions that are used in the process of provision of care. Along these lines, an APN should always be obligated to learn of changes in the policies that are used in the medical field. The various changes in the rules and regulations in the nursing field have increased exponentially with the intention of ensuring that the kind of services that the patients are given are reliable. As an advanced nurse practitioner, there are various strategies that are used in the process of getting information in the changes and hence helping in staying current in policy knowledge.

One of the strategies that one can use is by joining the professional nursing organization. One of the professional nursing organization that nurses can join and that they are assured of getting reliable information on policy changes is the American Nurses Association (ANA). Cherry and Jacob (2016) adduce that ANA helps in the communication of nursing policy changes and any other changes that are affecting the nurses. The organization as well as help in the education of its members to cope with the new changes that are arising in the healthcare system….

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