Create a detailed table with the information gathered from the above questions. Provide details of the services available. Do not copy and paste these questions and answer create a table. This will be turned in first. Professional references should be used to document characteristics about the neighborhood (blogs and wiki are not professional references). When you are listing services, are these services that could be accessed by an older adult, do you think an 80-year-old would have an Uber app? You may need to access the website to determine what services are provided by the site (senior center provides rides). Crime rates should be reported as incidents per 1000 or per 100,000 inhabitants. Crime rates should be reported using government sources.

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Geriatric Windshield Survey


The case considered is for a 75 year old many living in Manvel, Texas 77578. The person needs different services since he is living alone and there is a need for the assessment of the challenges that are faced in the access of the services that are needed for the day to day living. According to Scott, Canivet, and Östergren (2020), the old population is faced with varying risks, and some services are supposed to be close to their vicinity. As a result of their restricted movement as well due to poor gait, there is a need for carrying out an analysis to understand the challenges that the patient will be facing in accessing certain services. This survey focuses on a survey for the 75-year-old man living in Manvel, Texas 77578.


Name of itemDistanceServices offered
The nearest Pharmacy The nearest pharmacy from the distance of the old man is 7.5 miles. The pharmacy is called CVS Pharmacy, 4489 County Rd 94, Manvel, TX 77578, United States.The services that are provided by the pharmacy include the provision of medications to the patient and help in the measure of blood pressure and blood sugar glucose for the determination of the level of blood sugar as posited by Goshen (2020).
Nearest grocery storeThe person can be able to reach the closest grocery store in 5 minutes driving since it is found in 1.9 miles. The nearest grocery that can be accessed is Dollar General, 19419 Hwy 6, Manvel, TX 77578, United StatesThe sore is instrumental in the provision of groceries such as kales and fruits. The store as well does deliveries of its products and hence one can be able to call and get the products delivered to his home at the time of convenience.

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