Assignment 3

Throughout the MSN Program you will actively participate in professional practice experiences. The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate the planning of your MSN practice experiences. In the MSN core you will complete 135 practice experience hours in: N505PE Theoretical Foundations, N515PE Research Design, and N522PE Advanced Physical Assessment. You will then complete 135 hours in your chosen specialization courses, and finally 130 hours in N555PE MSN Capstone (All Specializations).  It is highly recommended that you have one preceptor for your specialization courses and capstone project. The purpose of this structured assignment is to help you be well prepared to meet the academic practice experience requirements of the program.

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Practice Experience Requirements


This is an informal paper that focuses on the assessment of the practice experience that I am planning to complete in my MSN degree. Thus, before my graduation, I should have completed various courses that are fundamental and that will allow me to get the experience needed for effective nursing care. In the paper, I will discuss the core courses to be completed, specialization courses, course preceptor and barriers to the success of the program, and the proposed solution. 

Core Courses

The following are the core course in my MSN program and that will be mandatory for me to complete. 

N501PE – MSN Role Development

This is the section that I was in a position to complete the certified background check and ensured that there was a completion of the requirements for the Castle Branch. In this course, there is no specific number of hours required to be completed for consideration that one has completed the course. 

 N505PE – Theoretical Foundations. 

In this has I had a plan for completing my hours for 4.5 hours, completing the report for the Castle Branch in 3 hours, using 5 hours to listen to 5 nursing presentations that are made in the nursing presentation room, use 5 hours in the reflection of the cases of making use of nursing theories and research processes. The other thing done is the interview of two persons in a leadership position for collection of their views on the theories that were being used in the department. This takes 6 hours. I used another 3 hours to interview a healthcare staff who is not a nurse but has a relationship with the use of theories in the department. I am planning to spend 8 hours with a nurse educator, 6.5 hours with a nurse leader, and carry out again have a 3 hours interview of a person who is not a nurse. I will use 1 hour in the process of carrying out the documentation for the practice experience. 

N515PE – Research Design. 

There will be a need for 45 hours of practice experience for completion of the research design course. I will make use of 5 hours in the exploration of the nursing presentation and listening to 5 presentations made. I will make use of 8 hours in the exploration of research and the use of research in informing evidence-based practice in the healthcare setting. I will spend 8 hours with a nurse researcher to explore the role that one plays as a nurse in research design and another 8 hours learning of the role that an MSN prepared nurse takes part in nursing research. I plan to use 7 hours in attending presentations on research to help in informing me on the evidence based practice and 8 hours in the area of exploration of the outcome of research findings and 1 hour will be used in the practice experience record documentation….

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