A baccalaureate nurse understands, relates, and values the fundamental elements of research, process, and designs as a foundation for an evidence-based practice (AACN, 2008; QSEN 2020). This assignment provides a learning activity to demonstrate understanding of the significance of research, the types of research and designs, the importance of sampling, utilization, and how research contributes to a credible nursing profession.

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Clarifying Research Worksheet
Significance of Research   Use your own words to summarize: a) the need for nursing research. b) the significance for all professional nurses (BSN) to understand the basic principles of research. c) why this course is important to complete.  
In nursing practice, research is one of the tools that are useful for the development of the quality of care for patients. This is because, research helps in the process of creation of a theoretical basis and basis for scientific activities in the process of provision of nursing care (Mackey & Bassendowski, 2017). Nursing research is as well of importance in that it allows for the validation of the existing knowledge in nursing and helps in the provision of confidence on the use of a certain intervention in the process of provision of care. This is as well instrumental in the identification of ways that could be instrumental in the development of clinically appropriate actions. One of the significances of BSN having basic skills in research is that it will allow nurses to research without a challenge. Along these lines, the process will be instrumental in ensuring that one can be able to avoid any risks of undertaking clinical care without the consideration of effective research skills. The principles will as be instrumental in ensuring that one can be able to be swift in the process of decision making and there will be an ease in the attainment of the best practices. This course is important to complete because it will help in equipping BSN with research skills. As such, the course will help in the process of determination of the best practice to be used in the identification of the best research method to be used in the development of nursing care activities. This is an important process in that there will be ease in the determination of the ideal health standards. The course is as well instrumental in the identification of the best direction of care for handling patient care services.

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