This assignment provides the student with the opportunity to select a concept and then develop questions that will foster critical thinking and clinical decision making in future learners. Each of the questions must demonstrate the Socratic format. By having a question in each of the areas of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and physical assessment, the student will review content related to the selected concept.

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Problem Recognition:
 PathophysiologyPhysical AssessmentPharmacology
Healthcare situation (limited to 3 sentences)Question: what are the known feature defining the sexuality of a person? Answer: There are various features taken into consideration when defining the sexuality of a person. The features such as the intimacy of the person, the reproductive parts, and the sensuality of the person as per Halwani (2018). These are important features used in the understanding of sexuality.Question: Define how to assess the men’s reproductive health Answer: In the process of carrying out the reproductive evaluation of men there is a need for the collection of information on the history of the patient concerning the use of birth control medications, history of diseases of the reproductive system, and the history of the family of the patient (Hall et al., 2020)Question: What are the strategies for maintaining reproductive health? Answer: The one method that will be fundamental for having healthy productive health is by the use of medication but one other way is to ensure that one has information on how to maintain a healthy living as per Baker and Shand (2017). This includes the use of protection or the regular assessment of the patient reproductive organs for maintenance of healthy living.
Clinical Decision Making:
 PathophysiologyPhysical AssessmentPharmacology
Healthcare situation (limited to 3 sentences)Question: How long does it take one to show indirect coombs after having an incomplete miscarriage? Answer: The amount of time that one will take will depend on the fact that after a miscarriage there will still be a chance of the blood in the body and one should wait for up to 14 days to have the correct results after carrying out an ICT as posited by Mathew, Castracane, and Mantzoros (2018).Question: Why should one have reproductive health education? Answer: One should have reproductive health information and education to be able to have a healthy living since one will end up having issues of reproduction in the case that one faces issues of reproduction. The skills will help one in handling any health risks that may be faced and allow one to avoid any mental health concerns as pointed out by Terzioglu et al. (2018)Question: Are there drugs proposed for patients who have reproductive health concerns? Answer:  The kind of medication will depend on the reproductive health issue since there will be a need for consideration of the capability of the patient to tolerate the medication and the preferred health direction for the patient since there are those that have health issues that are not dangerous. Others opt to avoid the use of any medication.

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