The purposes of this assignment are to: (a) demonstrate nursing informatics skills to critique commonly used mobile applications, (b) synthesize nursing and non-nursing knowledge using a guided appraisal process, and (c) develop NI skills with computer technologies to support professional and personal development with implementation of medical applications in clinical practice.

Mobile Health, also known as mHealth, is defined as the use of wireless communication to support efficiency in public health and clinical practice. To facilitate mHealth, mobile applications (apps) have been developed, which can be executed either on a mobile platform or on a web-based platform which is executed on a server. Mobile medical apps are often accessories to a FDA-regulated medical device. Incumbent upon each healthcare provider is a clear understanding of the implications of this guidance on clinical practice as well as demonstrate discretion with regard to medical app implementation.

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Medical App Critical Appraisal


The use of mobile devices in the process of access to care and delivery of care has become common today. The process has increased the efficiency of the delivery of care to the patients and it has led to the rise in medical software applications. The applications are accessed with ease and it helps the healthcare providers in carrying out various roles including the collection of information and management of patient information. Rokaya (2021) opine that mobile devices and software applications are instrumental in the process of handling the needs of patients and ensuring that there is the attainment of reliable patient outcome. This paper aims the examination one of the medical applications called MediCalc and provide a patient scenario that entails the use of this application. 


The medical application that is selected is called MediCalc. This is an advanced and comprehensive medical application that provides a system of calculation. The application is meant to carry out automatic calculations and computing clinical formulas, equations, as well as scores that are used in the process of provision of patient care services hence in medical practice. 


MediCalc application was created by the board of certified physicians and physician’s residents, medical students, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. The president and the founder of MediCalc are Arturo Rodriques. The senior vice president is called Ignacio Rodriquea and is the co-founder of the application.


The medical application that has been selected is fundamental in the process of delivery of patient care and it is supposed to be endorsed for it to be accepted to be reliable. The endorsement of the application helps it to be accepted in the market. MediCalc has its endorsement from ScyMed. Inc is one of the most reliable organizations dealing with applications for medical practices.

The application only focused on being used by persons who are older than 17 years and with the age factor, there is easy for a person to get access to the necessary actions of the application without a challenge. The application may allow one to get access to all the necessary services being offered. The endorsement of this application is critical in that it ensures that there is an elimination of any issues of copyright that may arise. There is a high chance of the organization making use of the application without any experience of fear a well and allowing for quality use of the application. …

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