Review your problem or issue and the study materials to formulate a PICOT question for your capstone project change proposal. A PICOT question starts with a designated patient population in a particular clinical area and identifies clinical problems or issues that arise from clinical care. The intervention used to address the problem must be a nursing practice intervention. Include a comparison of the nursing intervention to a patient population not currently receiving the nursing intervention, and specify the timeframe needed to implement the change process.  Formulate a PICOT question using the PICOT format (provided in the assigned readings) that addresses the clinical nursing problem.

The PICOT question will provide a framework for your capstone project change proposal.

In a paper of 500-750 words, clearly identify the clinical problem and how it can result in a positive patient outcome.

Describe the problem in the PICOT question as it relates to the following:

  1. Evidence-based solution
  2. Nursing intervention
  3. Patient care
  4. Health care agency
  5. Nursing practice

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Capstone Project Change Proposal


The formulation of the problem is a fundamental step in the change proposal in nursing since it helps in the start of the process of development of a new intervention. The formulation of the PICOT question is carried out by first identifying the population under consideration and the intervention that is to be implemented. The next thing is to ensure that there is an identification of the expected outcome and the time limit for implementing the proposed change. This paper focuses on the process of formulation of a PICOT question.  

Evidence-based solution

The evidence-based solution proposed to be implemented to help in handling the issues of COVID-19 infection is to educate the population on the need for social distancing. Sen-Crowe, McKenney, and Elkbuli (2020) agree that healthcare providers should help in the process of education of patients and the people on the need for management of cases of infections by maintaining social distancing. 

Nursing intervention

The proposed intervention will be carried out by consideration of the social distancing among the people. The process of implementing the changes is by educating patients. The populations that are largely at risk of being infected and largely affected are those that are old and the ones suffering from respiratory health conditions (Kissler et al., 2020). With the implementation of social distancing, the population can be able to be safe from being affected by health concerns….

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