During this course, you will develop a community assessment and plan. First, you need to identify/define the community in which you live. Give an overview of the community (large city, small town) and its people (urban workers, farmers, middle class, etc). Give an overview of the kinds of stores and businesses in the town and discuss accessibility to health care. This is to be a high-level overview only. Specifics will be discussed in subsequent papers.


  1. Title page
  2. Introduction (the purpose of paper)
  3. Analyze the importance of a community assessment, according to your readings.
  4. The following are things to include, though you are not limited to these. Give a clear definition of the community being assessed and its location in the surrounding area. Discuss the people, work/play /health care opportunities, and types of entertainment available, giving a general overview of the various parts of the community.
  5. Conclusion
  6. Reference page (minimum of 2 references)
  7. Minimum of 3 pages (not including title and reference page)
  8. APA format

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Community Assessment


The process of provision of healthcare services in a community is critical and the healthcare providers are supposed to have an understanding of the community for them to offer reliable services. With an understanding of the community, there is an ease in the satisfying of the people in the community. Sampson, Gearin, and Boe (2015) adduce that community assessment is the process that is carried out for the listing of the assets the challenges, and the advantages that are seen in the community. This will help in the identification of the resources that are available for the people, the challenges that are faced and the issues of concern that should be addressed in the community. With this information, leaders in the community can be able to deliver effective services. This paper explores the initial stage of the development of the community assessment plan in which the community that is to be assessed is identified.

Importance of Community Assessment

There are various advantages that are derived from the process of community assessment including the fact that it allows for the identification of the resources that are available in the community (Giger, 2016). Along these lines, it becomes easy for the leaders to help in the process of allocation of the resources and hence allow for the people in the community to attain a level of satisfaction. This is as well important in that there will be an ease in the process of determination of the different strategies of sourcing resources…

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