Case Study #1 Pharmacology Nursing Process

M.J. is a 45 yo Caucasian female. Following a dinner with her friends, where she consumed 2 glasses of wine and shrimp stir-fry, she presented to the emergency room complaining of “Feeling hot and itch all over. Something bad is happening”.

Her initial vital signs were T 99.8 °F temporal, heart rate 100 bpm, respiratory rate 28 bpm, and blood pressure 135/80 mmHg. Her physical assessment noted:

Case Study #2 Pharmacology Nursing Process

Case study 2

G.M. is a 50 year-old Caucasian male who presented to the emergency department with chest pain, after playing basketball with his son. He had no significant medical history before the event and was diagnosis with a myocardial infarction. He responded well to medical management and is set to be discharged today. Your assessment notes the following:

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  1. List the Subjective and Objective assessment findings

The objective data include the report of the patient feeling hot, the reports of itching that is felt all over the body by the patient. Moreover, the patients has reported to have a challenge in catching her breath.

The subjective data on the other hand includes reddening of skin rashes that are seen around the neck of the patient, the hands, and in the face of the patient. The other subjective findings include the cases of wheezing and she has swollen lips

  • List two nursing diagnosis with related to and as evident by statements (no not use “at risk for” at this time).

One of the diagnosis for the patient is having an allergic reaction. After taking the wine and shrimp stir-fry, she has had an allergic reaction and hence resulting in the presentation to the emergency room. The second nursing diagnosis is breathing problems. Along these lines, the patients is suffering from a challenging in breathing and hence she has a challenge in catching her breath. This calls for the use of a medication that will help in the management of the health condition to ensure that there will be an ease in the management of the condition of the patient condition….

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