Develop a 2-4-page scholarly paper in which you describe a quality or safety issue, or a chosen diagnosis, and then identify and analyze credible evidence that could be used as the basis for applying EBP to the issue.


For this assessment, you may choose from the following options as the context for the quality or safety issue or chosen diagnosis for researching and completing this assessment:

  • The specific diagnosis you identified in your previous assessment.
  • The simulation Vila Health: Determining the Credibility of Evidence.
  • A personal practice experience in which a sentinel event occurred.


The purpose of this analysis is to better understand what constitutes credibility of journal articles as well as websites. The role of the baccalaureate-prepared nurse in incorporating evidence-based research continues to growth in clinical practice. As quality improvement (QI) measures to reduce safety risks continue to be emphasized, the need for evidence-based models and evidence-based templates is growing. This type of systematic approach to incorporating evidence-based findings allows nurses to make clinical and operational decisions based upon the best available evidence. When the most up-to-date evidence-based findings are utilized, patient-centered care improves outcomes and enhances the patient experience.

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Determining the Credibility of Evidence and Resources


In nursing, the process of development of an intervention is supposed to be done with the use of credible sources. Such sources are supposed to be found in databases that are credible and allow for the determination of the individual who is reliable and dependable. There will be a need for nurses to ensure that they use credible sources in the process of the creation of interventions. Nurses are always able to help in advocating for change for safety and quality care for patients. In this paper, there is an assessment of the process of determination of the credibility of evidence and resources. 

Quality or safety issue, or a chosen diagnosis

The safety issue that has been identified is the issue of pressure ulcers. The occurrence of pressure ulcers has a great impact on the quality of health of patients because it leads to the patient having poor health. The patient will end up having injuries that may lead to an increase in the cost of health services and the patient will end up staying in the health setting for a longer time. 

The process is as well instrumental in the process of identification of the needs of patients since the patient who are suffering from health issues that influence their movement are at a higher risk of having pressure ulcers. The challenge is that a patient ends up sleeping on one part and causing the skin to break. Thus, the patient will end up suffering from the health standard. The rise in cases of pressure ulcers in patients will lead to injuries and even death of the patient as alluded by Gaspar et al. (2019). 

Criteria that should be considered when determining the credibility of resources

In the process of determination of the credibility of the resources, there will be a need for the consideration of the credentials of the authors. The authors are supposed to be well learned and they will be able to practice nursing care services for better health delivery. The expertise is supposed to be able to improve the quality of care and there will be a need for the studies to be in line with the qualification of the authors….

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