Consider the pioneers of behaviorism. Which behaviorist has offered the most significant contributions to the field of psychology? Why?  

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Pioneers of Behaviorism

One of the pioneers of behaviorism is John B. Watson. He helped in the creation of the school of behaviorism and method within psychology and helped in the publication of his views in psychology. Watson (2018) presents that Watson published his views in 1913. The views were presented in the article entitled “Psychology as the behaviorist views it”. This has acted as a common and considerable manifesto that has been used in behaviorism. The article helped in the presentation of the behaviorism as a useful scientific theory that is useful for the assessment of observational data. The main goals of the process were to have an enhanced understanding of the behaviors as a result of external factors. Along these lines, the information that was presented by Watson has been useful to date in the understanding of the behavioral changes and the factors that result in the change in the behavior of an individual…

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