One role of government is to ensure that policies benefit the people within their jurisdiction.

  • For local governments, it would be the townspeople or city dwellers.
  • For the state governments, it would be the people living within the state.
  • For the federal government, it would be everyone within the borders of the country.

Using an ideology discussed in the textbook, construct an argument explaining how this ideology upholds the public good by examining power, order, and justice.

Select an ideology discussed in the textbook. In an essay, examine how power, order, and justice as it relates to the ideology you choose promotes the public good.

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Political Ideologies

One of the ideologies that help in the process of decision making on the benefits of the policies that are created by the government is the ideology of socialism. Grindle (2017) argues that socialism is a political ideology that implies that the ownership of the economic systems depends on the society rather than having private individuals. Along these lines, most of the decisions on the change of policies are made by the community and supported by the government. As such, the government acts as a supporter of the actions of the community in all the decision in relation to the policies that are used for the enhancement of the standard of living of the people and the possible impacts of the policies. The ideology of socialism plays a critical role in the process of examination of power in the fact that it helps in the identification of the extent to which power is bestowed upon the people in the community. Along these lines, the actions by the community to help in the process of development of policies to be approved by the government is a sign of the power that is there among the people in the community. Moreover, the role that the people play in the process of creation of policies is considered as a critical sign of identifying the people who could be considered to be powerful as compared to others….

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