For this assignment, you will create a television or film script (words only) that incorporates four characters from diverse cultures. You can incorporate any characters you wish following the guidelines listed in the rest of the assignment directions. Some examples could include: a highly educated African American woman, a gay Mexican teenage boy living in Los Angeles, a male Muslim immigrant from Syria, and an elderly Caucasian female employee.

Your characters are working as a team to organize the annual company picnic and are determined to use ethical decision making when working together.

Two of your characters are effective intercultural communicators, and two are ineffective intercultural communicators. Before writing your script, provide a brief description of each character that includes their name, age, and cultural background.

Once the script is written, write a 300-word explanation for each character that demonstrates why they behave the way they do. In your analysis, include how ethical decision making influenced each character’s actions and decisions. Research each culture and provide at least two separate in-text, college-level citations for each character. Consider only legitimate behaviors within cultures. Do not rely on stereotypes.

This writing assignment should be 1,600–2,000 words and double-spaced. Use Times New Roman 12-point font and follow APA requirements. Provide at least five appropriate sources, along with a reference page.

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Television or Film Script


This a script that helps in the provision of a discussion between 4 participants who of different cultures, age, and education level in the company. The discussion of the four characters aims to help in the process of analysis of the company picnic. The themes that are to be discussed will include the planning process, what will be done, where to sleep, and the extra curriculum activities that will be held during the picnic. 

Description of Characters

One of the characters who is acting as the team leader is Mary Higgins who is an African American. She has been working in the company for the past 6 years and has an understanding of almost all the practice activities being done by the company. She is 37 years old. The second character is Hila Mutt who is of white origin. He is one of the persons in the company who is highly educated since he has a master’s degree in public relations. He is 60 years old. 

The third character is Lawrence Manning who is an Asian living in the state of Los Angeles and is 28 years of age. He is gay. Lawrence was born in Los Angeles but his parents are of Asian origin. He is considered one of the youngest and most promising persons in the company. The fourth person who is taken into consideration is Ahmed Jared who is a Muslim from Iran. He is 53 years old. Ahmed was displaced in his country and had to run to the US for shelter due to the fights in his country hence was initially a refugee. 


Mary Higgins: Hello, it is amazing that you are allowed to help in this process of selection of the place or a picnic and what we will be doing…. (Interrupted by Hila)

Hila Mutt: Hey! Hey! Hey! Let us start with a prayer, it will be important that we put this in God’s hands first. 

Mary Higgins: Yes, sure. Let’s pray “God lord we come to you this time as we discuss this agenda may you give us wisdom and skills to make the right decisions. Amen”

All: Amen!

Mary Higgins: So what do you guys think will be okay for us to do to be able to get the best picnic? 

Lawrence Manning: I think we should consider a place that will allow us to have some quiet time! Like in a forest, range, or a house in a range!

Ahmed Jared: I agree with Manning, it is paramount that we get a good place that will allow us to be able to deliberate without disturbance the things needed from the organization

Mary Higgins: I have a view that this time round we consider avoiding cases where others will be left out in the plan or the implementation of the plan…

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