The DBA has become a powerful tool in the business environment as it looks to go beyond day-to-day business and looks to identify, research, and solve complex business problems. It incorporates an advanced business skill set that is not taught in an MBA program. The DBA fits the needs of a global business environment well. This multidisciplinary degree is applicable across all industries.

Like the PhD, the DBA is a research role. The critical difference is the DBA is a problem solver instead of a knowledge finder. The DBA is, as the name states, a Doctor of Business. The goal of this professional is to diagnose a problem and fix the problem, often through research. The DBA is tasked with identifying problems within a business and coming up with solutions to resolve those problems.

DBAs are well suited for senior and C-level roles. The DBA program provides a skill set that is not a part of an MBA program. The skill set of problem solver, alongside the ability to make a system-wide change, makes the C-level DBA a powerful commodity. DBAs frequently work at think tanks where they have the ability to study problems in depth and propose radical, yet effective solutions. Consultants with a DBA have a broader range of tools that can be used to provide services for other companies.

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The level of education of an employee will largely influence the amount of work that one does in the company and the quality of work that is done by an individual. This is attributed to the fact that depending on the level of education one will have certain skills that will be instrumental in carrying out certain tasks in the organization. An organization should therefore take into consideration the education of an individual during hiring process to determine their worth in the organization. In this presentation an assessment of the role of doctor of business in the business world is evaluated.

DBA is considered as a terminal business course in business administration and hence is the highest level of academic qualification that one can get as posited by Farrell, Oerton, and Plant (2018). The degree program is meant to help in the process of development of business theories and developing the professional practices in business. There will be a need for having knowledge and skills in business for one to qualify for the award of the degree.

A person with DBA is of fundamental importance in the organization and the value of the person with this degree in the company include the fact that one can act as a consultant. The other values that it will bring to the company is that they act as educators, administrators, and entrepreneurs for the organization as per Opatha (2019).

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