Write a 4-6-page analysis of a current problem or issue in health care, including a proposed solution and possible ethical implications.


In your health care career, you will be confronted with many problems that demand a solution. By using research skills, you can learn what others are doing and saying about similar problems. Then you can analyze the problem and the people and systems it affects. You can examine potential solutions and their ramifications. This assessment allows you to practice this approach with a real-world problem.

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Analysis of a current health care problem/ issue- Medical Errors


The process of delivery of care may be affected by a myriad of challenges. One of the issues that could affect the process of care is medical errors. The occurrence of medical errors may end up affecting the safety and the quality of patient care and hence calling for the healthcare providers to help in the identification of the solution to handle the health concern. This may be a challenging process but there will be an ease in the development of the standard of patient health. Many proposed solutions are intended to help in handling cases of medical errors. Such health interventions include the development of an effective process of communication with the use of information technology. This paper helps in the determination of the proposed solution to help in handling the issue of medical errors.

Description of the health care problem or issue

The healthcare problem identified is medical errors. The rising cases of medical errors have become rampant in the health setting and there will be a challenge in handling the healthcare processes. The occurrence of medical errors has led to the patients losing trust in healthcare providers and there have been challenges in handling the healthcare qualities of patients. Healthcare providers are responsible for ensuring that issues of medical errors are eliminated. This is a challenge as well in that as a result of the occurrence of medical errors there would be a challenge in the enhancement of the quality of care.

Hohenstein et al. (2016) allude that the cases of medical errors may be attributed to the lack of a keen process of following up on the procedures provided in the delivery of anesthesia. The rising cases of medical errors may be defined to be the failure of patients to take the right dosage, the failure of the healthcare providers to administer the medication at the right time, or the issues of lack of a reliable process used in handling the cases of non-compliance to the use of medication by patients. 

 Possible causes of the problem or issue

Klocko (2020) alludes that there are many possible types of medical errors and this depends on the case of the error. One of the causes of medical errors s the issues of lack of an effective process of communication. The occurrence of medical errors has led to the deterioration in the health setting and the communication of the healthcare providers may be the leading cause. The communication needed in healthcare includes the need for all the members of the health setting to record all the medication taken by patients and all the actions taken in providing health for patients…

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