Create a 3-4 page writing development plan that applies selected resources to improve specific writing skills.


Strong skills in writing are essential for you as a doctoral learner. These skills allow you to create doctoral projects that articulate a purpose. They are characterized by strong organization, appropriate use of evidence, scholarly tone, and grammatically sound sentence structure. Creating a plan to improve these skills using selected resources will set the stage for improvements in your writing.

  • What are your experiences writing? How will those experiences support you in meeting the demands of your doctoral program?
  • Why are writing skills essential to your success in your doctoral program?
  • What are your strengths in writing? What past experiences helped you to develop those strengths?
  • What are your opportunities for growth in writing? What resources provided by the Personal Writing Assessment and Writing Feedback Tool resonate with you?
  • How will your use of the provided resources support you in meeting your writing goals?

Activity 4: Develop an outline for your text. An example outline is provided in the file Assessment 4 Outline. Your text can fit within that outline, though the essay structure is up to you.


This assessment should be completed last. Consider your writing strengths and opportunities for growth, as identified by the preparations steps above. Complete a writing development plan that identifies three writing goals, the resources you will use to reach these goals, and how you will gauge your success in writing skill development.

Use examples from your work in this or other program courses to explain the goals you selected and to show how the writing resources will facilitate improvements in your writing. Your paper should demonstrate the five writing skills highlighted in Writing Feedback Tool.

Solution Preview

Writing Development Plan


As a doctoral learner, one is supposed to have critical skills in writing and research that will allow one to enhance their skill development process. Strong skills in writing are instrumental in that it will ensure that one can be able to articulate their work in the right way. This is an important step as well in that it will ensure that one can be able to appropriately carry out research that is scholarly and reliable. The skills that one should learn include grammar, tonal management, the structuring of sentences. This paper assesses the plan for writing improvement. 

Three writing goals

One of the writing goals that I intend to have is to improve my sentence structure. In this case, the intention is to be able to ensure that the information that is being shared is clear and that one can have an understanding of the sentences. The other thing that I intend to learn in the improvement of sentence structure is to learn how to make use of transposal words. 

In the process of improvement of sentence structure, I intend to make sure that I make use of subordinate clauses. This will be an instrumental step in that I will be able to eliminate any issues that may be confusing to me and that I may have challenges in handling. In the improvement of sentence structure as well I intend to ensure that I made use of active voices and verbs and avoid cases of making use of passive voices. 

The second writing goal that I intend to maintain is to learn the appropriate scholarly tone to use. The tone that is to be used in the process of writing should be scholarly and respectful. To succeed in doing this I will make use of online editing and proofreading resources that will allow me to be able to handle any challenge in being scholarly in my work. …(click here to get full solution)