The articles you choose should focus on the following topics:
counterterrorism agencies at the “Tribal” level of government and counterterrorism policies that have been developed since September 11, 2001, at the “Tribal” level of government.

In the summaries that you create for each of your sources, you will identify the agency or agencies discussed in the source and the counterterrorism policy or policies that the agency or agencies follow. In addition, you will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the policy or policies.

Solution Preview

Akins, H. (2020). Tribal militias and political legitimacy in British India and Pakistan. Asian Security16(3), 304-322.

The focus of the study is to evaluate the role that the local militia play in the management of the issues of terrorism. The authors point out that the pro-government militia forces in the context of civil war. In this article, the aim is to ascertain the process of management of terrorism activities and the policies that help in the reduction of issues of terrorism. The militia in the tribal aspects is faced with the need for having an understanding of the role that they play in helping the government handle the challenges that are faced. The authors indicate that the areas that have less government control are seen to be managed by the militia and the expression of the goals that are needed in the comprehension of the aspects of bringing peace and cohesion among the people. This article is fundamental in enhancing the understanding of the steps that could be used in the management of the issues of terrorism in areas that the government has little control over. 

Milliman, J., & Landon-Murray, M. (2020). City council and national security: oversight of local counterterrorism and security intelligence. Intelligence and National Security, 1-18.

The objective of this study is to assess the provisions that are provided by the city council and the national security on handling cases of counterterrorism. As a result of the rising cases of poor patient care, one is supposed to ensure that one can manage the cases of terrorism and that there could be an ease in the elimination of cases of poor care. The council has played a role in ensuring that one can manage the cases of increasing cases of poor management of security measures…

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