Compose a focused paper that explains and describes your selected research from the cultural and ethical perspectives of inquiry. (You will cover these two perspectives in one paper.)

Address your general topic by forming and answering two levels of research questions for each inquiry. See the Content & Activities section of the course for examples and details.

The paper requirements include:

Title Page in APA Format


  • First paragraph: Thesis statement and background information regarding the problem.
  • Second paragraph: Information providing the reader a preview of what is presented in the paper itself. For example, “This paper will present the cultural and ethical perspectives related to the thesis. The level one cultural question is…”

Body of Paper (3–4 pages)

  • Use headings in APA format to clearly indicate the perspective that is being discussed in the content of the paper.
  • Use scholarly research (published within the last five years) to answer the research questions proposed.
  • Include a minimum of four scholarly sources in total, two of which must be qualitative studies.


  • Summarize the information presented by reviewing the issues, information, questions//answers, and stating any insights.

Solution Preview

Cultural and Ethical Perspectives of Inquiry


The health issue of concern is pressure ulcers. The thesis statement is to ascertain whether the implementation of repositioning of patients may help in the reduction of issues of pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers as per Kim, Lee, and Lee (2019) have led to the rise in the number of days that a patient stays in the health setting and there are risks of the patient paying more for the healthcare services. As a result of the rise in cases of pressure ulcers, the quality of health of patients has deteriorated. This implies that there should be measures put in place to help in the elimination of the health issue. This paper helps in the assessment of the research on pressure ulcers concerning the perspective of cultural and ethnic inquiry. 

Cultural Perspective of Inquiry

Cultural values and/or norms influence the issue

Some norms may influence the cases of an increase in pressure ulcers. Sharp, Moore, and McLaws (2019) depict that the issue of pressure ulcers may be common among old patients from certain communities as a result of the conflict of values of the patients. Along these lines, the patient may end up being a barrier to the implementation of the intervention as a result of the views on the process of care that they should receive. A patient may have beliefs on having an independent lifestyle and this may affect the need for them to get help in repositioning. 

How the issue addressed differently in varying cultural contexts and situations

There are different ways that the cases of pressure ulcers are handled by communities. Rather than pushing the patients to agree on being repositioned, there is a culture that makes use of mattresses that are with loose fabric. This is an important process as well since it ensures that issues of having excessive pressure are avoided and that the challenges of health are managed effectively as supported by Ray (2020). …

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