1. Complete the Cultural Reflection Action Paper. Please refer to the Grading Rubric for this assignment to see what information needs to be included in your paper. Your paper must include information obtained from both the Ethnic Minority Health Professional interview and your Self Assessment.
    1. Description of the importance of cultural competency and humility among public health workforce.
    2. Description of how cultural factors may affect health and healthcare
    3. Description of how you would incorporate cultural competence and humility in a teaching plan working with a specific ethnic population.
    4. Description of what you learned in your Health Professional interview, and about yourself as a learner and how you plan to continue your learning and growth about cultural competence and humility.
    5. Description of how you can integrate what you learned about cultural competence and humility when working with populations.
    6. Your paper should be at least five pages long, not including the title page and reference page.

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Ethnic Minority Health Professional interview


Ren et al. (2017) allude that minority Americans are faced with low health rates of insurance coverage and this influences access to healthcare services. The population that is largely at risk of being affected by the issue of concern as a result of the financial challenges are the Hispanic and the African Americans. These communities end up getting a challenge in the health setting as a result of their lack of insurance. As a healthcare provider, it is fundamental that one has an understanding of the culture and differences in the process of provision of health for the patients. This paper assesses the ethnic minority health professional interview and self-assessment.  

Importance of cultural competency and humility among the public health workforce

The understanding of cultural competencies is an important step in the health setting in that it will allow the public health staff to be able to reduce any cases of health disparities. This is because with the knowledge on health disparities one can be able to identify the specific needs of the population and the steps that should be taken to help in the advancement of the quality of health of the population. The issue of health disparities as well can be understood from the role that the healthcare providers are playing. 

The other thing is that with the understanding of the cultural competencies there will be the attainment of equitable care for all. The healthcare providers will be able to eliminate any issues of poor health and that there will be an ease in the healthcare providers providing care that is in line with the needs of all the patients. This is an important goal because there will be ease in the elimination of the differences that are there in the health setting. The study by Wheeler and Bryant (2017) alludes that the aspect of cultural competencies is an important step for healthcare providers to be sensitive and provide care that is nonsensitive. 

Concerning the issue of humility, healthcare providers must be able to be with humility to be able to enhance access to information. The healthcare providers who are with humility can avoid any cases of conflict with the others and there will be an ease in the elimination of the causes of poor health service delivery for patients. The public health providers who are with the lessons on the decision-making process will be able to eliminate any cases that the healthcare providers are unable to eliminate the personal needs and the needs of patients….

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