For this assessment, assume you are a nurse attending a meeting of your state’s nurses’ association. A nurse informaticist conducted a presentation on her role and its impact on positive patient and organizational outcomes in her workplace. You realize that your organization is undergoing many technological changes. You believe this type of role could provide many benefits to your organization.

You decide to pursue proposing a nurse informaticist role in your organization. You speak to your chief nursing officer (CNO) and human resources (HR) manager. These individuals ask you to prepare a 4–5 page evidence-based proposal to support the new role. In this way, they can make an informed decision as to whether the addition of such a role could justify the return on investment (ROI).  They need your proposal before an upcoming fiscal meeting

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Evidence-based Proposal to Support Need for a Nurse Informaticist in an Organization


Technology has been of advantage in healthcare organizations since it has helped in the improvement of the safety of patient care and quality of healthcare services. Technology as per Collins et al. (2017) as well has allowed for the improvement of the performance of nurses since there has been an advancement of efficiency of the healthcare providers. Healthcare leaders must support the trends in technology and embrace the changes to be able to be competitive in the healthcare sector. To succeed in the operation of the technology in an organization a nurse informaticist must be hired. This paper presents an evidence-based proposal that will support the need for nurse informaticists in an organization. 

Nursing Informatics and the Nurse Informaticist

Nursing informatics is defined as the field of nursing that helps in the integration of computer science, information science, and nursing science in the communication and management of data and information in nursing (Furukawa et al., 2020). The field is still developing and focuses on the enhancement of the skills of nurses in the process of handling information and making decisions. Nurse informatics will help in the enhancement of efficiency of nurses in accessing information of patients and allow for the reduction of any medical errors. 

On the other hand, a nurse informaticist is a nurse specialist who is specialized in the field of informatics. The major role that nurse informaticists will play in the health setting is a communication point between the healthcare providers, and the staff working in the information technology department in the health setting. Taylor (2019) adds that nurse informaticists will help in the process of system development and advocating for the change in the technology being used. Further, the nurse informaticist will play a role in the process of control of quality and the process of education of the nurses on the use of information technology. 

Nurse Informaticists and Other Health Care Organizations

A nurse informaticist helps the healthcare organizations in the process of developing effective use of technology for improving the performance of nurses. In healthcare organizations, nurse informaticists help in the promotion of healthcare by ensuring that there is an improvement in the use of information technology. This is expected to be enhanced in the different areas of operation in the healthcare organizations such as the clinical areas, education, and the process of research….

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