The purpose of this assignment is to conduct market analysis to set goals and formulate action and communication plans for the proposed initiative.

Before you begin the written assignment, make sure you have conducted research relevant to the strategic initiative business plan. Include market analysis that can be used to formulate goals and outcomes, project structure, and stakeholder identification, needs, and communication.

In a 1,250-1,500 word business plan that is clear and concise and utilizes business language and style, address the following using bullet points, narratives, and relevant visuals.

·         History or rationale for the proposed strategic initiative, including industry trend data and other relevant research.

·         Market analysis (internal and external) summary and explanation for how this analysis supports the proposed initiative. Include discussion regarding competition.

·         Measurable project goals and outcomes and their relationship to the strategic focus of the organization.

·         Description of the project structure including alliances, contractual relationships, etc. and explanation of how each supports the proposed initiative.

·         Prioritized list of project stakeholders and an analysis of the effect of diverse stakeholder cultures, values, beliefs, and experiences that need to be considered in the proposed initiative.

·         Table that summarizes the communication plan describing how information will be disseminated to stakeholders including the communication strategies to be used and justification for each, the types of communication channels to be used, and how the communication plan supports what you hope to achieve with the strategic initiative. Articulate the specific leadership skills you will use to facilitate collaboration and communication between stakeholders.

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Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston


The organization that is being focused on is Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The organization focuses on helping and improving the health and the wellbeing of people of diverse communities. To ensure that there is an improvement in the well-being of patients there is an expectation of the development of the quality of care for patients there is a need for the organization to take into consideration the best standards of care and there will be a need for embracing the trends. The organization can support the changes that are arising and ensure that there is the use of EBP skills. At the moment there is an issue of lack of an effective way to ensure that there is a continued relationship with the patients. This paper helps in the process of formulation of a communication plan for the proposed initiative to improve patient care. 

History or rationale for the proposed strategic initiative

The strategic initiative that is to be implemented in Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston is the use of telehealth. The communication process in the health setting has always depended on the face to face visits by the patients. This has become a challenge in that there has been a rise in cases of congestion and patients end up spending much time in the health setting. Along these lines, there is a need for the initiative to ensure that telehealth is implemented in the health setting.

The rationale for the proposed strategic initiative is to help in the development of the quality of communication and follow ups of the patients. The use of telehealth as per Hakim et al. (2020) is an instrumental step in that it allows the healthcare providers to be able to reach the healthcare providers faster and ensure that information on the progress of the patient is availed to the healthcare providers. This is important in that the process of decision making can be made with the consideration of all the available information.

The other thing is that with the use of telehealth the cases of congestion are eliminated and the healthcare providers can be able to avoid being fatigued with many patients in line for their services. With the use of telehealth the organization can be able to provide patient care services easily and fast. This is an important step in that there will be an ease in the development of the quality of care for the patients. The healthcare providers are as well in a position to serve patients at any time. …

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