The purpose of this assignment is to (a) identify and articulate a healthcare organization problem; (b) assess all systems components of the organization problem; (c) identify the problem solution and alignment with the organization mission, vision, and values; (d) describe how the solution supports or creates organization culture and climate change; (e) apply system inputs, throughputs, outputs, cycles of events, and negative feedback related to the problem solution; and (f) identify how the problem solution aligns with professional standards.

Preparing the paper

  1. Write a clear introduction that includes the problem and the purpose.
  2. Explain the organization mission, vision, values, culture, and climate related to the problem.
  3. Describe the area or department problem using open systems terminology. 
  4. Identify the desired outcome, goals, and objectives; apply the solution, including professional standards that may be applicable.
  5. Describe how the solution aligns with the organization’s mission, vision, and values.
  6. Describe how it will improve the culture and climate.
  7. Summarize the main points from the body of the paper.

Solution Preview

Healthcare organization problem


The standard of health in an organization depends largely on the determination of the leadership and the staff in offering the care needed (Richards et al., 2015). Taking this into account, the culture and values of a healthcare organization will play a fundamental role in ensuring that different health problems are resolved effectively. Deductively, O’Connor et al. (2016) have indicated that the process of delivering care will depend on the set goals and the policies that are used in an organization. Precisely, this paper seeks to discuss a health problem at the Northwest Florida Community Hospital and a description of the outcome goals and objectives that could help in the process of management of the problem. 

Organization mission, vision, values, and culture and climate-related to problem

The vision of Northwest Florida Community Hospital is to help in improving the quality of health of the community and hence becoming the preferable healthcare providers. On the other hand, the mission of the healthcare organization is to provide healthcare that is accessible, safe for the people, compassionate and that is comprehensive. The culture that is accepted by the healthcare organization is to make use of teamwork among the healthcare providers.

The problem that is faced by the organization is the increasing cases of loss of information in the healthcare facility due to a large number of patients and staff.  With the mission of ensuring that the healthcare services being provided are safe for the community, the organization has an obligation of having a clear view of the importance of having a clear set up of the systems to help in reducing the issue.

The climate at which the staff and the patients are found in Northwest Florida Community Hospital is conducive but the issue of large data being dealt with has increased the challenge of operation among the healthcare providers. Typically, the vision of the healthcare organization is to ensure that the quality of health being provided is dependable. As such, it is fundamental for the organization to have measures that could ensure that the data is not lost.

The attainment of the vision, mission and the culture by the healthcare organization has been a challenge due to the fact that there are many factors that could impact it. Typically, one of the factors that could affect the attainment of these is the amount of resources available and the different qualities of education that the healthcare providers have had. The policies that are in place as well affect the attainment of the goals of the organization…..

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