Select a healthcare policy and identify the impact the following legal/ethical issues had on the development of that policy.

       Issues, i.e.:

1. economic

2.  political  

3.  legal / ethical

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Healthcare Policy- The HITECH Act


The trends in healthcare policies have played a critical role in handling the decision making processes in the health setting. The changes in the health setting have played an instrumental role in that it has allowed for the elimination of the challenges of health faced by patients. The policies are supposed to be taken into consideration in the healthcare decisions but the development of such policies may be a concern since there are possible legal or ethical issues that may impact the policy. In this assessment, the focus is to help in the assessment of the legal concerns in the process of development of the HITECH Act. 

Legal/ethical issues had on the development of that policy

The HITECH Act was is the Health Information technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act was signed to law in 2009 for the adoption of the best process for handling information technology. The policy was expected to help in the audition of the healthcare providers for the determination of the compliance of the privacy and security rules for the healthcare providers.

The policy is expected to be able to handle the enforcement of the wing of HIPPA. The policy was created to help in handling the records, the credit cards, and the information that is shared in the health setting. The policy as per Kim and Lee (2020) was expected to help in the management of the targets of hackers. The policy requires that the patients can get a notification for access to any information. Thus, the policy is expected to help in ensuring that there is the management of the unauthorized access of information….

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