In Assignment Three, you will analyze and integrate findings of the two previous assignments. These are the Windshield Survey, including the informant interviews, and the Community Health Statistical Analysis. From these sources of information, you will establish a community health nursing care plan.

This assignment is due by Saturday, 23:59 PM of Module 3.


The steps you will follow in this assignment are comparable to the development of a Nursing Care Plan. The main difference is that the point-of-impact is a community, an aggregate of people, versus an individual. For this assignment you will analyze and integrate the findings of your windshield survey, information from key informants, and your community health statistical analysis. This analysis and integration will help you establish a community health nursing plan of care.

This assignment requires that you take the following steps:

If you do NOT use this template there will be a 10- point grade penalty, and you will be required to resubmit with 48 hours or a zero will be given.

  1. Introduction: You will state the PURPOSE of your paper. You will also provide a brief synopsis of your community and present two CHN from your observations and the statistical data from the previous two assignments. You will include key supporting evidence for the two CHN diagnoses.
  2. Select ONE Diagnosis/problem based on the two (2) CHN Diagnoses you developed in Week 2 OR a newly developed CHN diagnosis based on Coach feedback from your two (2) CHN diagnoses in Assignment 2.
  • Discuss the rationale for selecting this problem/Diagnosis.
  • Provide supporting community and scientific evidence, for example, Healthy People 2020, Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Heart Association (AHA), and others for this diagnosis.
  1. Develop a plan of nursing intervention.Explain the intervention time line. Remember to be realistic when setting the goals and the time line for the various intervention activities to take place.
  • Describe the Goals (minimum of 2) and objective (2-3 PER goal) of the CHN nursing intervention. Remember, goals are where you want to go. Objectives are how you plan to accomplish the goals.  Goals and objectives need to be realistic.
  • Explain the intervention objective time line. This time line needs to be realistic.
  • Include your plan of intervention activities and evaluation measures. The evaluation should measure the outcomes of your intervention. Be specific.
  1. Summary and conclusions: Summarize your assessment findings, your proposed community health nursing intervention, and the community public health outcomes that you anticipate as a result of the intervention. This can be one or two brief paragraphs

Solution Preview

   ● BoundariesWhat defines the boundaries? Roads, water, railroads. Is the area known for a particular name? What area is this community located in? The community that has been taken into consideration is Romain Katy 77494. This is a community in Katy city that is found in the western part of Houston Texas. The one thing that is mainly considered to be a great landmark in the community is the Katy Heritage museum Railroad Museum and this has played a role in trailing the exhibits for depots in the community. The community has a population of approximately 20202 people (Espinosa et al., 2018). The area that this community is located in is the county of Fort Bend and is 30 miles from Houston Texas.
   ● Housing and ZoningWhat is the age of the houses? Describe type of construction material, appearance, and general condition. Do you see single family housing?  Multi-family housing? The houses in the community are new although there are houses that are found to be old in the community that represents a small percentage. The old houses in the community are found to be well maintained and there is evidence of the houses being painted. The people make use of various materials in the contrition processes as evident in the information found in the community. One of the pieces of information that are evident is that there is the use of Cemex and other materials such as building blocks and the community can access varying materials from the community for construction. There are both single and mixed families and houses in the community (Willingham, 2020). The information from the community is found to be instrumental in the process of decision making on the quality of houses in the community.
   ● Common Meeting PlacesWhere do people in the neighborhood hang out? Who hangs out there and what hours of the day? In the community, one of the areas that people are found to be handing out is in the parks. Various parks are found to be in the community that is found to be instrumental in handling the issue of stress and management of the interaction of people. Some of the parks in the community are Mary Jo Peckham Park, Katy City Park, and Katy Park. . In parks there are parents seen to be hanging out with their children in the parks during the weekends.
   ● Indicators of Growth or DeclineIs this a “thriving” community or does it look “run down?”  Is there new or ongoing construction?  Businesses and Industries coming to the area? Are buildings, roadways, and public areas clean and well-kept? Do you see dirt, trash, or graffiti? The community is seen to be thriving with the increasing cases of houses being constructed in the community being instrumental in the determination of the reliability of the health standard of the population. The aspect of the construction of houses that are seen in the community is an indication of the commitment of the people to ensure that there is an advancement in the community standards. There is evidence of many constructions being carried out in the community. The constructions are seen to be both for commercial and for residential purposes. From the picture created in the community, it is evident that there is cleanliness being maintained in the community with many houses being seen to be newly painted. There is no dirt in cases of graffiti on the walls in the community.
   ● Employment OpportunitiesWhat places for employment are there in this area? Name the businesses and industries in this area. There are places of employment that one can be able to get a day’s job or where one can be able to access reliable work as a person one of which is the companies that are there that offer employment to the people. The community can manage the challenges faced in the increasing cases of unemployment from the construction companies and other companies. Among the companies that are instrumental for construction is Moore Control Systems, Inc. and Heinzmann Company, LLC. which is an industrial equipment supplier in the community.
   ● TransportationHow do people get from one place to another?  Is public transportation available?  How timely is it? Personal autos? Bikes?  Walking?  The movement of people from one place to another is mainly attained by the use of roads. The other method that is used is by the use of train services. There are therefore public transportations in the community. The use of other means such as personal cars and taxi services is common in the community. The movement is fast in the community (Salinas, 2019). There are people in the community that is seen to be moving from one place to the other by use of bikes and bicycles in the pathways.

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