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Discussion Question:

Explain the advantages of keeping a writing journal.

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Please discuss the differences between first-generation antipsychotics (FGA) and second-generation antipsychotics (SGA). Include relevant pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics and the implications of each. Include the concepts of receptor affinity, binding, and potency.

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DQ1: Explain the advantages of keeping a writing journal

Journaling is a simple process of informal writing that one can make regularly with various intentions or for a different purpose. One of the advantages of keeping a journal is that it allows for the promotion of understanding. As a nurse, it will be fundamental that one has an understanding of what is done and the practice methods used and this can be possible if one can keep the records. Thus, the process of record-keeping will be attained by the use of journals or journaling. 

The other advantage of writing a journal is that it helps in the enhancement of the organization of thoughts. This is because with the diaries one can be able to ensure that the thoughts that one is having are apprehensible and can be translated to actual practice as alluded to by Andersen and Watkins (2018). Further, journaling is of importance for nurses because it allows them to improve on their writing. The process is of importance in that it will ensure that there is progressive training on the writing process of an individual and one can learn of any mistakes and understand the steps that are followed to handle their mistakes….

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