This assignment provides the student with the opportunity to develop a rubric for a written assignment. The assignment requires the identification of a written learning assignment with the purpose and learner clearly noted. The rubric is developed as the MSN student identifies the level of performance, criteria, and descriptors.  Self-reflection is included so that the MSN student can consider self-directed improvement. 

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Rubric Development

The main purpose of a rubric is to help the learner in the determination of what is needed in an assignment and the steps that are to be taken or the award that one will get depending on the information that is provided. The rubric helps in the provision of a picture of the score that one will make depending on their efforts to ensure that one makes the right follow-up of the procedure needed. Kumar and Boulanger (2020) opine that a rubric acts as a blueprint that the learners will follow in the completion of their assignments. The rubric will as well be used by the nurse educator in the process of marking the work that is done by the learners. This assignment intends to present an evaluation of an assignment on the rubric that is to be completed for a paper to be done by learners.

Description of the Learning Activity

The success in the completion of any assignment is to be attained by the use of the correct procedure and that one can learn of ways that would be followed in the development of the right procedure as per Yamanishi, Ono, and Hijikata (2019). The guidelines are supposed to be in line with the learning and additional steps that one will take in the process of determination of the use of the various aspect of skills and learning methods and that will ensure that one can be able to improve on the quality of their knowledge.

The rubric is vital in that as a result of the use of various tools there will be an ease in the determination of ways that one could use for a better standard of completion of an assignment. The rubric helps in the description of the different levels that one could use in the process of determination of the right cause of action. The rubric ensures that the learner will be able to capture the necessary curriculum and that one can handle the issue that is to be focused on and that is to be discussed. The rubric will present the level of quality that the learner is expected to keep when writing their assignment.

Learning Activity                           

Nurses play an instrumental role in the healthcare sector as posited by Beggs-Yeager et al. (2021). Along these lines, their skills and their knowledge is of importance in the determination of the quality of care for patients. The steps that are taken in the process of handling the needs of patients will depend on the skills that one has. With the increase in the level of education of a nurse, there is an increase in the skills that they have and that their critical thinking and decision-making skills will be improved…

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