Nurse Notes (50 points) are completed outside of iHuman and are graded by your instructor. To complete the Nurse Notes, download and save the required template below under Template. Rename the template as Your Last Name Week 2 Nurse Notes. This must be saved as a Microsoft Word document (.docx). Save it to your computer or flash drive in a location where you will be able to retrieve it later. Type your answers directly on the saved document. When your Nurse Notes answers are completed, save and close the template. Follow the submission directions at the top of this page to upload your assignment.

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S – The situation in place is that of a 32-year-old client who is called Ms. Luciana Gonzalez. She has come to the clinic for her to get a comprehensive health assessment that she intends to present in her new job for a life insurance cover. The assessment is to be carried out to get both the physical assessment and the laboratory assessment of the patient. The information is to be used in the process of provision of patient education on her health, development of a treatment plan, or writing a report to the organization she has just been employed on her health status.

B – The process of carrying out the patient assessment is focused on asking various questions. In this case, there were 36 key questions that the patient was asked seeking to get information on the patient’s health. From the information collected there are subjective data that has been provided by the patient on her health and the challenge that she is facing at the moment. The challenge is that with the increasing cases of complications in her health, she may end up losing the insurance cover or even having even poor health as it is at the moment. The assessment has helped in the identification of the preferred quality of health of the patient and helps to ascertain that the patient needs any further treatment of only advice or education to be provided….

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