The purpose of this course project is for learners to explore how living nurses are making nursing history, apply lessons from nursing history, and analyze the impact of this project on nursing history today.

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Question 1     

Name of Student: What are your favorite memories of nursing school from your Student days?

Hellen Ivy: I have different memories that I consider to be my favorite and that I have the view that helped in shaping my nursing career and practice for the last 13 years. One of the memories that I consider to have been my favorite is the interactions that I used to have with the other students and the teaming up that we had as a class. I loved the way that we were able to help each other in undertaking various activities. The other thing that I remember from nursing school is the courses that were taken. One of the instrumental lessons as well as the lessons on the application of nursing theories in actual practice. This is a memory that I still value today.

Name of Student: That is great, as a nurse as well there are many memories that I have although there are still many memories. One of the memories that I have is the instance where I had the first visit to the health setting during our practice. I had a great urge of applying the lessons learned in class in the actual practice and upon getting the opportunity I was able to see the way that the different lessons learned were applicable in the actual practice. This was an instrumental lesson for me and is still one of the greatest memories I have had from nursing school.

Question 2     

Name of Student: How did your first year of RN practice compare to your nursing practice today?

Hellen Ivy: During my first year I was fearful and slow in my work. I did not have full confidence as a person in what I was supposed to do and this led to the challenges in handling the various aspect of health services I was provided. Nonetheless, I have been able to have changed over time with the advancement in my skills being evident, and now I can be able to carry out my work fast and in an accurate manner. I as well confident now as compared to the past when I was unable to handle anything that I felt was fearful to me and that I was unable to handle as a person. The expectation for having a further education was as well at first not feeling important but with time I was able to see the need for getting further education.

Name of Student: I had various challenges during the initial days of nursing practice. First, I was unable to cope well with team activities and there were instances that I found myself being silent for some time. The other thing is that I was unable to confidently offer healthcare services. As a nurse, I had challenges in handling various nursing care services since I was unable to manage the challenges in the elimination of the aspect of health and that there was a need for me to be able to talk out the challenges that I had as a person. Today I have more confidence and I can be able to handle various healthcare services without a challenge and that I can be able to take part in team activities.

Question 3     

Name of Student: What were some nursing practices that you used in your earlier years that are no longer used today? Why are they no longer used?

Hellen Ivy: There are nursing practices that have changed over the past 13 years. During the initial days that I was coming to nursing practice, the main process of recording patient information was in the patient files. This has been changed over the years with one of the changes that have been seen is the fact that today there is a large use of technology. The process of retrieval of information is faster today as compared to the past when the information was largely lost in the bulk of files. The past ways have been overtaken by events and are faster for the process of decision making to be carried out today as compared to the past. It has become easier for the decision making to be carried out on the consideration of the use of technology.

Name of Student: The one thing that was there in the past was the restrictions that were there in the nursing practice whereby nurses were only expected to work under the supervision of the physicians. Today, some nurses can be able to work independently, and that they can be able to deliver healthcare service efficiently and fast. I am as well able to focus my goals on becoming an NP to be able to have an independent practicing nurse.

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