Select one Health Education, Leadership or Practice challenge and design a Performance Improvement or Innovation Change to address the challenge. Base the challenge on QSEN competencies, The National Patient Safety Goals, the IHI 5 Million Lives Campaign or the United Nations SDGs. Your Performance Improvement should include the following:

  1. What is your target area for improvement: describe the challenge, support with data.
  2. Assess your current performance – support with data.
  3. Identify the Improvement Opportunity.
  4. Describe your pilot – what change would you implement?
  5. How will you evaluate the change – what measures will you evaluate?
  6. How would you spread and disseminate a successful change?

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Performance Improvement or Innovation Change


The process of advancement of the quality of care for patients’ needs is expected to be developed depending on the advocacy measures. Vargas et al. (2019) depict that nurses are instrumental in the process of advocacy for changes in the health setting. Thus, they help in the identification of nursing care changes needed. One of the issues of change that has played a role in the advancement of the safety and quality of health is the use of technology in healthcare. In this paper, the focus is to help in the management of performance improvement or innovation for the use of telehealth in healthcare.

The target area for improvement

The area of improvement that is expected to be used in the health setting is the use of technology. Figueira et al. (2019) indicate that the use of technology in healthcare has led to the advancement of safety and quality of care. This implies that as a result of the use of technology healthcare providers have had a chance to the improvement of their performance. Specifically, the target change is the implementation of telehealth. Telehealth as per Smith et al. (2020) is a use of mobile technology to contact patients and access healthcare services for patients who are not in the health setting. 

Current performance

At the moment there is the use of telemedicine in a small amount in the health setting. This indicates that healthcare providers can take part in the follow-up of patients and this is possible in the instance that one will end up facing challenges and one will end up leading in the process of decision making. This is an important process in that with the use of technology there is a lack of an effective process of handling the quality of health of patients….

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