This week, reflect up your personal nursing philosophy as it has evolved over the course of your RN-BSN program at WCU. Identify specific theorists you feel you most identify with. How does your personal nursing philosophy, and the work you completed in your program support evidence of meeting the following?

Essential IX: Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice

  • Outcome #18: Develop an awareness of patients as well as healthcare professionals’ spiritual beliefs and values and how those beliefs and values impact health care.

Review your past academic work, evaluate your effectiveness at meeting this program essential, and ponder the impact that this proficiency will have on your future.

Identify how you met the essential by referring to the assignment(s) specifically in your response. Additionally, reflect upon and make connections between your academic experience and real-world applications. 

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Personal Nursing Philosophy

As a healthcare provider, the focus on ensuring that there is the creation of awareness is fundamental for the development of patient-centered care. The aim of the creation of awareness for the patients is attributed to the fact that there are possibilities of having differences among people and different people have different values and beliefs. The aspect of creating awareness is therefore instrumental in ensuring that one can be able to get an opportunity of expressing their views as a result of a certain aspect of health care service or process (Thompson & Donaway, 2018).

The theory that is largely in line with my nursing philosophy and that I associated with is Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. The program essential was met in that there was an ease in the development of the process of communication with the patient on their needs and the patients are involved in the process of decision making. This is an instrumental step as well in that the program that is undertaken is carried out with the consideration of the aspect of essential measures of change for the patient care services. The involvement of patients as well is attained by ensuring that there is a clear process of decision making where the patients are part of the process at all times….

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