Standardizing language and data concepts are common problems informatics nursing specialists face when implementing projects and EMR systems.

    • Determine if your organization uses a nursing nomenclature recognized by the American Nurses Association.
    • Determine if data concepts such as Length of Stay (LOS) are standardized across the organization.
    • Do these terms clearly and comprehensively represent nursing care and nursing practice at your work setting? Why or why not?
    • If your work setting does not use a formal nursing nomenclature, apply these questions to the terms that are used.
    • Second, consider your database project. Could an ANA-recognized nomenclature be used in your database? Why or why not?

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Standardizing Language

In the organization, there is the consideration of the use of nomenclature that is known to the American Nurse Association. The leaders in the organization have ensured that there is the consideration of the process of communication using a language that is conversant to all. The standardization of data concepts as per Carvalho, Cubas, and Nóbrega (2017) is expected to help in the advancement of the process of communication and ensure that there is an avoidance of any cases of poor handling of resources. The standardization of concepts such as length of stay has been fundamental in that it has allowed for the elimination of any risks of patients receiving the wrong services. As such, the standardization allows for the advancement of the safety of patient care. The terms that are standardized such as the length of stay play an instrumental role in the nursing practice activities since it ensures that there is an elimination of any cases of confusion in the process of delivery of patient care. The process as well is expected to help in the elimination of any cases of confusion while handling patient care services…

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