For this assignment, you are asked to validate the use of theory and conceptual frameworks used in research.  To complete this assignment, you will first describe what a conceptual and theoretical framework is. Once you have defined and described, then using the NCU library, locate four DBA NCU dissertations, each with a different theoretical framework or conceptual framework. Dedicate about half a page synopsis on each. Then, explain what the theory or concept is and why you think the selected theory was appropriate for the research problem/dissertation. 

To complete the assignment, locate one theory or conceptual framework on your own outside of these sources on any business topic that interests you for potential research. You can find it through scholarly web searches, dissertations, journal articles, etc. Explain the theory by indicating who came up with it, and how it has evolved. Being able to explain seminal work and evolution of a theory is used in the theoretical framework and literature review at the dissertation phase.

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Validate the Use of Theory and Conceptual Framework in Research


The conceptual and theoretical frameworks are fundamental for the process of explanation of a path intended for carrying out research and ensures that the project is grounded on the constructs of the provided protocols. The conceptual and the theoretical frameworks as per Sovacool and Hess (2017) are instrumental in that it will ensure that the research findings are meaningful, accepted, and that allow for generalizability of the study. As a researcher, one should have the skills necessary for ensuring that the research is in line with the required peer review standards. This paper is intended to help in the validation of the use of the theoretical and conceptual framework in research.

Description of a conceptual and theoretical framework

The theoretical framework is mainly found at the start of research to explain the reason for carrying out the research activity. The framework is expected to support the theory that is being assessed in the research study. The theoretical framework is intended to help in the introduction and description of the theory and provide a reason for the existence of the research.

The theoretical framework is made up of various concepts that include the definitions and any referencing that show the knowledge that is there on the topic and how it relates to a broader area of study. The development of the theory will be fundamental in that it allows one to understand the possible content that could ensure that any risk of bias is eliminated.

On the other hand, a conceptual framework is meant for the illustration of the relationship that is found between cause and effect and is as well called the conceptual model. The model will be instrumental in the provision of variables that are expected to be changed and the expected outcomes. The conceptual framework is expected to help in the provision of the variables and the relationship that is found among different variables. This is made up of various concepts and the expected results afterward…..

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