Annotated Bibliography Assignments


Read at least three scholarly articles on nursing and leadership styles. Summarize and critically analyze each article separately (250–300 words for each article’s annotated bibliography).

For each article, determine the following:

  • Comprehension: Select a scholarly research or other article on the assigned topic and introduce the article in your own words.
  • Application: Apply the research findings or article content to course concepts.
  • Analysis: Provide objective and subjective analysis of the article.
  • Evaluation: Summarize the value of the content to nursing leadership and nursing.

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Annotated Bibliography


The style of leadership in the nursing practice has a critical impact on the operation and the patient care processes. As such, there is a need for having an understanding of the ideal style of leadership that one could apply in the enhancement of the quality of health in nursing practice. The style that is used in nursing will influence the steps that are taken in handling the patient’s needs since it affects the planning process for patient care service. This paper presents an annotation of three articles on nursing and style of leadership. 

Pishgooie, A. H., Atashzadeh‐Shoorideh, F., Falcó‐Pegueroles, A., & Lotfi, Z. (2019). Correlation between nursing managers’ leadership styles and nurses’ job stress and anticipated turnover. Journal of nursing management27(3), 527-534.


This study is selected because it focuses on the assessment of the relationship that is there between the style of leadership in nursing and the issues of stress and anticipated nurse turnover. The study is expected to be applied in the process of decision making on what should be done to help in the identification of the appropriate style of leadership. Further, it is applicable in the determination of the healthcare services that are expected to be provided for the patient’s needs. This is because, with the study, one can be able to get an understanding of the preferred values that should be upheld in the process of provision of care.


The objective of the study is to ascertain if there is a relationship between the cases of turnover of nurses and the style of leadership in the nursing practice. In nursing, practice leaders should be well informed of the factors that influence their staff such as the way that they are being handled. Thus, the kind of leadership should be monitored to ensure that it is leading to the rise in cases of stress among nurses and in turn leading to the turnover among nurses.

Application and Evaluation

The findings in this study show that the style of leadership that is used has a great impact on the healthcare standards of patients. This implies that there is a need for the healthcare providers to make use of a reliable health direction that could ensure that the cases of job stress are avoided by ensuring that the kind of leadership used is not influencing the performance and service delivery of the healthcare providers. …

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