NR305 Week 4 iHuman Nurse Notes Template 


  1. Read all directions on the NR305 Week 4 assignment directions page.
  2. Complete the Week 4 Neurovascular Assessment: Athena Washington case in iHuman before completing this template.
  3. Submit the iHuman case for grading by iHuman. (You may submit 2 attempts before the deadline.)
  4. Do not delete any of the content/questions currently on this template.
  5. Answer each item below. Read the directions carefully in each question and answer them fully. Reminder: You can refer back to the iHuman case as needed to help you complete this template.
  6. Submit the completed template on the Week 4 assignment page.  (Your instructor will grade the Nurse Notes and provide feedback in the grading comments.)

Solution Preview

S – The situation is that a patient has been admitted due to a neurological deficit.  The patient has been faced with an issue of concern faced with the challenge of having an unreliable quality of health since the patient has had a challenge of being paralyzed in one part of the body. The patient as well has is complaining of being with a headache and the side effect is mainly the left part. The patient is having dysarthria which is affective the capability of the patient to effectively communicate. The other concern is that the patient is faced with the challenge of being able to handle the necessary steps that could ensure that she can walk

B –  The issue of the patient is seen to have started progressively and that she is having the weakness in her left side as a result of the deterioration in the quality of health of the patient. The patient is unable to move and is having an issue with high NIH as provided in the stroke scale. The findings are that the patient has a challenge being able to communicate. The patient is female and is 48 years old. She has is called Athena Washington. The patient has been admitted for support as it allows for the determination of the best thing to be done to either educate her to live with her condition or to be able to progressively heal from her condition.

A –  There are various symptoms presented by the patient including the headache that she has reported. The other thing is that the patient has reported being having a weakness in the left part of the body. Other than the complaint of the headache that the patient is having, there has needed a complaint of the patient having nausea. The patient complains of the progressive deterioration in her condition. The patient as well as having a challenge being able to have a better standard of living since she has been unable to have her life as before. The other thing that has been reported for the patient is the issue of having her left side of the face drooping and that she is hypertensive….

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