For this assignment choose and watch a movie or television show that depicts a main character from a vulnerable population. The population may include someone facing end of life issues, ethnic or sexual minorities, minors, or someone facing barriers to services.

The Assignment (2-3 pages):

·        Give a brief (2-3 sentence) overview of the main character and their situation from the media you watched. Identify the vulnerable population the main character is from and offer a brief explanation of why that population is considered vulnerable.

·        Discuss your personal beliefs regarding this population that were challenged (or that you explored) after watching the movie or television show.

·        Identify an ethical dilemma you might consider when working with this population (cite appropriate ethical codes and state laws that apply).

·        Identify who your state legislature representative is and contact him/her. Include the name of your state representative and contact information in the paper. Discuss what you said in your email or when you spoke or left a voicemail.

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Where Ethics and Values Conflict


The healthcare sector may be faced by many challenges of concern and dilemma but there are instances in which the ethics and the values conflicts. As argued by Gaudine and Beaton (2016), different people or different organizations have different values that are supported at any given time. However, there are times that the values do not rhyme with the ethics and this may put the organization in a compromising situation. This paper seeks to present an overview of an issue of concern on a character in a vulnerable population, the ethical dilemma that may be considered when working in the population, and the identification of the legislature and what they are told.

Overview of the main character and situation

One of the issues involves Joyce Cheesbrew who is a 70-year-old woman. The patient at first is able to carry out her own activities but due to her terminal condition, her health condition has continuously deterioration over time and she does not have a chance of managing her health condition. With the continuous deterioration in her health, she has opted to write a will with the support of the non-resuscitation. The patient is therefore in a situation that is compromising and has suffered ideally with the extensive suffering of the family since her husband is taking care of her (West Virginia Public Broadcasting, 2010). This has resulted in the consideration of end of life….

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