Alternative Assignment: Reflective Assignment

While listening to this week’s archived Seminar, complete a reflective document. You may write the assignment in a bulleted list format OR paragraph format. APA style is not required.

Please include:

  • The main topics discussed.
  • Sub-topics and/or subsequent classroom discussion.
  • Points you found of interest.
  • Any additional reflections or suggestions.

Solution Preview

Alternative Assignment: Reflective Assignment

The main topic that has been focused on is the process of national certification. There is a need for having an understanding of the need for certification of healthcare providers for them to be able to carry out healthcare services. Nurses are supposed to get their certification from the state boards for them to practice their nursing. This implies that state boards are tasked with the need for assessing the necessary qualifications for healthcare providers and putting in place guidelines that are used to manage the certification process. Some subtopics were discussed in the learning process this week including the fact that there is an analysis of the process of preparation of national certification through the use of complete barley review. This helps in the process of determination of the best aspect of change that needs healthcare providers to practice their health services….

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