For Assignment 3, please do the following:

  1. Review all requirements in the left-hand column of the rubric below.
  2. Click on the Enter Sentinel City link in Module 1 and continue your Virtual Experience by taking a bus tour of Sentinel City. Since this is your third tour, feel free to choose any bus speed and/or get off the bus at any time to walk around. 
  3. After your tour is complete, compile your observations into a 2-4-page paper, with at least 2 scholarly references, addressing each item listed in the first column of the Assignment 3 Rubric. You are encouraged to add other relevant characteristics you observe that may not be listed in the first column.
  4. As you take the tour, write down your observations, specifically focused on the following subsystems: education, recreation, and politics and government. For more information, please review the required demographics and subsystems listed in the left-hand column of the Assignment 3 Rubric.  Meet with Mayor Hill to discuss the subsystems: Education, recreation, and politics and government.  

Solution Preview

Third tour of Sentinel City


The assessment of different education, recreational, and politics and government is an important factor in understanding the community. This is the third tour of sentinel city and the bus speed is set a moderate. With the understanding of these resources in the community, there will be an ease in the determination of the needs that are missing in the community. This will be useful as well for the determination of the quality of living of the population. While focusing on the community, there is a need for the determination of the different factors that influence the standard of living including the health of the population. In this part of the paper, the focus will be on the assessment of the resources such as education, the politics and government in the community, and the aspects of recreational activities that are found in the community.


While having the third tour of Sentinel city, it is observed that different educational institutions are providing services for the population. Typically, there are both private and public institutions providing educational services in the community. The conditions in terms of the structures and the cleanliness are seen to be good and conducive for learning with the environmental setting seen to be reliable for learners since there are fewer issues of noise pollution around. The educations that are observed are 2 public schools and 3 private schools….

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