Read the Shoreline Stadium Case on pp. 204–205. Considering the information provided, construct a Risk Response Matrix (see text p. 220) that details at least 3 risk events that are likely for this case, your responses to the risks, contingency plans, triggers, and the responsible party for each risk event. Then, using Microsoft Project, create a Gantt chart that details the project schedule (see Table 6.3 p. 205 for task details). Once the chart is created, answer the questions on p. 204 in the format described below. The student is to submit two documents.

1.      The first document is a paper completed in Microsoft Word that follows current APA format.

2.      The second document is the Microsoft Project file, which is also required.

The paper is to include at least 3 resources (the text and at least 2 peer-reviewed sources) and total of 5–6 pages while including the following:

The paper is to include at least 3 resources (the text and at least 2 peer-reviewed sources) and total of 5–6 pages while including the following:

1.      Title page.

2.      Project Summary (2–3 pages), including an introduction to the project and recommendations (based on questions 1–3 from p. 204). For this assignment, include research-based rationale for your answers; be sure to include a discussion of possible risks as well as the date the project is scheduled to be completed.

3.      Appendix: One-page Risk Response matrix.

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Case Study: Shoreline Stadium


G&E Company has initiated a project that could play a critical role in the process of development of a shoreline stadium. The expectation is that the stadium will accommodate more than 47000 people. The starting date for the project is July 3rd, 2017 and is expected to run for more than three years up to April 3rd, 2020. The completion of the stadium will usher in the need for the start of the baseball season during the time of completion. The company that has taken up the construction has an obligation of completing the project by the stipulated time to avoid a penalty of 250000 dollars daily for the extra days to completion of the project. The focus of this paper is to discuss the risks involved in the construction of the shoreline stadium, and a discussion of the problems that are involved during the construction and the proposals to tackle the problems. In this case, there will be a discussion on the chance of completion of the project on the stipulated date, the critical path that is to be followed, and a recommendation on whether the company should pursue the contract. Biblical integration is as well presented. 

Risk Involved

While assessing a project, one needs to take into account the risks that are involved as affirmed by Asan, Soyer, and Bozdag (2016). This will entail the identification of the risks that could be found in the instance of carrying out the project. As such, one should ensure that they identify the factors that could fail in the attainment of the set objectives. With the risks identified, it becomes easier for one to put in place measures to counter them. The advantage of identification of the risks that are involved in a project is that it allows for the development of the contingency plans after identifying the factors that could trigger the risk and the persons or the organization that could be responsible.  The risks as discussed in the appendix are resources to be used, human labor, and weather conditions….

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