his assignment requires analysis of a family case study.  You will write a 2 to 3 page, APA-formatted paper not including the cover and references pages (a total of 4 to 5 pages).

  • Read the article, “Intentionally Thoughtful Family Engagement in Early Childhood Education”.
    • The case study is found on pages 4 and 5 (13 and 14).  
    • The case study focuses on 4-year-old boy from China who does not speak English and behaves developmentally more like a 2-year-old.  You will read about relationships between the child, his family, grandparents and teachers.
  • When reading the case study:  Reflect on what you have learned about the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct, professional standards for Building Family and Community Relationships, sociological theories, the Protective Factors Framework, and Help Me Grow.
  • Write your paper: 
    • Identify and present in explicit details the issues concerning the family
    • Design a plan of support for the family utilizing at least two of the following:  1) NAEYC’s ideals, 2) guiding principles, 3) professional standards, 4) theories, 5) the protective factors, and/or 6) Help Me Grow core components.
    • Demonstrate comprehension of key concepts and terminology in the articulation of your plan.  For example:  Use key terms such as ideals, principles, ethical responsibility.  State the full names of protective factors.

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Analysis of a Family Case Study


The case study that is being focused on is for a four-year-old child who is not able to speak English. The parents have been living in a different country and the child has been living in China with their grandparents. When the child is brought to the new country, he is unable to interact well with the other children. As such, the child has a challenge in playing with others or doing anything with the others. This has resulted in the teacher taking up the challenge and learning of the need for consideration of the best strategy to help the child (Daniel, 2009). The teacher has played a role in supporting the child and staying with him while class activities are being carried out. This helped the child since when another child is brought in who speaks the language of the child, he can help the new child. The child has changed his behavior. The focus of this paper is to assess the analysis of the family case study.

 Issues concerning the family 

The family taken into account for this boy got a chance to help in the process of working in another country and was supposed to get the advantage of getting his degree. The wife was intending to stay with her husband and hence they both went to the country. The grandparents as well were in a position to cherish the grandchildren and were afraid is staying far from the child. There were issues of the grandparents as well as facing issues with the need for staying alone….

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