“Criminal Minds” person  

Now, it’s time to turn in your semester project. Remember your project should include the following:

  • A Mental Health Concern – and the Patient or Community – for your project.
  • A brief history of the patient including diagnoses and medications – or a brief description of the community issue.
  • Any substance abuse, addiction or violence issues surrounding this mental health problem. Describe the attempted interventions that have been made for your patient or community, and identify what has been successful and what has not. Submit a rough draft of information gathered so far.
  • Describe your thoughts regarding your patient’s or community’s mental health issue. Are there any cognitive concerns? Think about interventions that may be helpful. Include sources for evidence-based practice.
  • List appropriate nursing interventions for your chosen patient or community. How will you evaluate effectiveness? Include an evaluation tool or rubric.
  • Complete your Semester Project by identifying mental health resources that can be used for your chosen patient or community. Finish with an educational tool for your patient or community.

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“Criminal Minds” Person


Today, people have had challenges in coping with the situations that they face in daily life and hence end up having mental health problems. Thus, people today end up reaching and having thoughts differently and leading in issues that could affect their living standards. It is important that there is an understanding by the healthcare providers on the need of the patients and the best strategies that could be used to manage the health concerns. Sudano, Collins, Miles (2017) opine that the process of patient care regarding issues of mental health may be unique for each patient. This paper focuses on the Harpe Brothers as the “criminal minds” minds person. 

Mental Health Concern – and the Patient

 The mental health condition taken into account is depression. The patients that have been considered are the Harpe Brothers who were taken as the initials serial killers in the history of the US. There was an issue of terror and killings in the country by the brothers and this was attributed to the exposure of the brothers to a hard neighborhood while they were young. This resulted in their mental health issues of being depressed and opting for criminal activities….

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