From our own ethnocentric perspective, other cultures may appear strange or different. But to an outsider, so does ours. From a cultural relativist perspective, different ways of doing things are simply different.

Using the concept of cultural relativism as a foundation, consider the following. What are aspects of your culture that you can identify in the context of what we are reading this week? Once you identify a culture that represents you, you will submit a written analysis that describes your culture. This assignment will be two pages in length (not including your cultural example), follow APA standards, and will include a link to a video, image, or another form of media that represents your cultural identity. For examples of cultural identity, see page 49 in the textbook for additional guidance

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Identification Identification of one culture that represents you, citing examples of material and nonmaterial culture
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Media Effective use of media (song, movie clip, social media link, image, etc.) not to exceed 5 minutes to communicate at least one aspect of your culture
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Analysis Analysis of how the media that you chose reflects an intersection of at least two cultures (see page 49 in the text and use only the textbook as your reference; do not use websites or any other sources)

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Culture and Media


To be in a position to have an understanding of culture, one must take into account the need for understanding the aspect of culture. Wagner (2016) defines culture is the varying ways that stand out in an individual and hence bringing the difference between two persons. This implies that it is a way that certain people are living and hence plays a role in guiding their actions, values, as well as the moral behaviors of the people. One should have an understanding of their culture to avoid any conflicts with other people. This is attributed to the differences that are seen among the people. The focus of this paper is the variation in the cultures and the media used.

A culture that represents me

Having lived with people of different communities, I have been in a position to learn of cultural differences among people of varying origins. There are differences that I have been able to see among the cultures and I could consider that I have a cultural relativist perspective. There are various things that I could take into account in getting an understanding of the best aspect of cultures. The elements that I will take into account are the material and nonmaterial cultural aspects. The analysis will ensure that one can gain a better understanding…

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