• Design a list of 10 data elements related to the patient demographic information (refer back to the data sets if necessary). 
  • Indicate characteristics of each example, such as date format, text, alphanumeric, and so on. 
  • Define the number of characters for each data element and if it is required data based on a data set. 

Be sure to support your information by citing at least 2 references using APA format.

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Data elements

Lee (2019) defines data elements in a healthcare system as the objects that one can be in a position to collect and are useful for the process of storing the information or patients or for the identification of patients. The data elements that are found in the system may be required whereby the data should be there, the data elements as well may be required if it is there or if it exists or it could be optional hence one can either choose to provide or not. Such data elements may not be of importance for the process of provision of patient care. The data elements that are to be taken into account are as follows. First, is the patient ID. This is the medical record number or an identifier that could be used in the identification of the patient. This is a necessary data element in the health setting. An example of a patient ID is 92342001. The second data set is the patient name. This is the first name and the second name…

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